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3 Steps to kill negativity at work

Negativity kills a business, so you have to kill it first.

In business coaching, tackling negativity can be one of the toughest challenges to face.

A poor workplace attitude eliminates staff morale, removes any real semblance of motivation, and ultimately costs your company a lot in the way of profits.

It is best to extract any negativity from your business as soon as you notice it, or else things will get incrementally worse.

To help, we have provided three key steps that can help combat negativity in the workplace and nurture a positive mindset in your office:

  1. Find the source

When you are trying to bring in some positivity to your workplace, the first thing you should do is find out where it is lacking. This will involve a little reconnaissance to find the main culprit or culprits in the office.

Is it just one person that has a shit attitude? Or is it a group of employees that need to be looked at? It is also important to look at what their grievance or grudge is; is it financial, frustration or something else? Once you find out, tackle the problem head-on and try to resolve any issues quickly.

  1. Be Inclusive and Clear

One of the most predominant reasons for negativity in the business is a sense of detachment between you and your staff. It is important that you include your staff in executive decisions, involve them in your overall vision for your business and ask for their input.

Sometimes the best way to handle these issues is with a little bit of fun—try a team building day full of exercises that are geared towards building trust and camaraderie.

  1. Be Consistently Positive

As a leader, business coaching teaches us that you need to be positive for your staff.

You are responsible for the positive momentum that can be brought into the business, so be sure to keep things upbeat in the office.

Better still, offer some treats for your team such as free lunches or bonuses. This will help boost their happiness, and as a result morale will improve too.

Get Rid of the Negativity

These three steps are great places to start for boosting morale in the office, but the most important part is to remain dynamic.

Do not stagnate in your morale-boosting efforts, or the negativity will creep back in. So find a way for yourself to be positive as things can get tiring and trying too. Continually be receptive with your staff, stay as upbeat as possible and keep your door open.

Negativity is a silent killer for any business with a lot of collateral damage. If you’re experiencing any negativity with your staff and even external stakeholders, learn how to combat it now before it becomes out of hand. Let us guide you through out proven 4-It System to become an exemplary leader with a positive attitude that your staff will emulate and drive your business forward.

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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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