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[Article] 4 Tips To Supercharge Your Results

In a recent article I discussed WHO is responsible for your RESULTS.

And the answer to that of course is YOU.

So now, what do you do with that? How do you stop blaming external forces such as market conditions, staffing and rising costs and start taking full accountability for your business results?

Here are four powerful exercises from my Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It Coaching System that will help you get out of the way of your business and kick more goals…

  1. Assess: Take some time out to get clear about how you best add value to the business. Most times it is in marketing, sales and innovation. Not in delivery and logistics for example. Get really clear about this.
  1. Stop: doing all those other things that are taking up your time and not in your key skill set. Delegate or hire new staff. Concentrate all your attention on that one thing that comes from your heart, lights you up, and makes you want to get up in the morning.
  1. Lead: Create an inspiring vision that drives you and your team.
  1. Plan & Expand: Once you’ve completed these tasks: Getting clear on your one key skill, delegated the rest, created an inspiring vision, ensure your strategic plan is in line with facilitating this shift and renewed drive… And review for expansion frequently.

Through the Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It system, our client – Sean the Physiotherapist followed these 4 powerful exercises and kicked some big personal and business goals. He has engineered a vision so powerful, that in two short years he went from $50k per month working 95% in the business to achieving $100k per month in sales, working 100% of the time ON the business, focusing his efforts on visioneering, leadership and strategic growth. All this whilst being able to take every school holidays off each year, drop off and pick up the kids each day, have surplus funds to be able to grow his investment portfolio and spend more time with family and friends.


You’re the only one who is standing in the way of your goals – it’s not the economy or competition. Let us show you how to break through your personal barriers so that you will have more money and more time with our 4-It System for ultimate business success. Click here for your FREE strategy call now. Limited bookings available.

Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



About the 4It System for your business and life: The Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It™ (4-It System) will help you structure your business in a way to make leveraged profit.  Manage excess earnings so you can scale effectively.   Keep more money in your top pocket.  Then grow it, so you can play a much BIGGER game than just the business.  Your wealth will expand as your financial freedom turns from a dream into a reality through building a business, living a life and leaving a legacy.

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