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2 years down the track after working with Rob, I now have a 7-figure+ business, we have opened a second business which complements our project marketing company and we are just starting another venture which will be worth $2million + each year.

Andy Nutton, ,Nutton Marketing / Purple Cow Real Estate

Over the last 6 months, the changes have been fantastic. Coaching has really opened my eyes and changed the way that I think. Now I am in a position where a 2 man band business will expand rapidly to a business of 6 – 8 employees doing 7-figures+ this financial year.”

Brad Cooper, EvaporGas

Our major focus in the coaching program has been in increasing the profitability of the Maintenance Department within GRK Plumbing. We have since seen a 100% increase in turnover, doubled the size of the team and brought on 2 new tradesman. The maintenance department is now a stand-alone profitable arm of the business.

Greg Greenwood, GRK Plumbing, Drainage & Gas Fittings

Within 12 months of working with Rob I paid off $116,519 in loans while decreasing my working time from 6 days to 4 days per week… all going from having average $50k months to now $100k months… and the next step is $150k months!

Simon Franks, Bite Dental Studios