Ask this daily question and watch your life change

Ask this daily question and watch your life change

One quality question can change your life and that is – “What is it that I have to do today that will move me one step closer to [my specific goal]? ”

You have to be VERY clear on what you want to achieve. Don’t flip flop between saying “I want 80k a month, or 100k a month.” Focus on one and that goal will determine your action to get there.

The key is to Ask – Reflect – Find the answer – Act immediately.

How to reflect: Stop all the doing and external noise so that you can take a step back and reflect – allow your intuition to talk to you.

Finding the answer: You’ll be amazed when you seriously practice this as your intuition will lead you to take the right action (contacting a specific person, following up, checking folders). Your intuition already has the answers for you.

Act immediately: You have to act on these now and not leave it for later. Your mind has already been trying to point you to the right direction, but you haven’t taken the time to ask, reflect, find the answer by listening to yourself and act accordingly.

Try this for seven days in a row and let me know some of the results you’ve achieved by doing this. Learn how to listen to your intuition with my simple Daily ritual:…

So – what is it that you have to do today to get you to where you want to be?

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