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[Article] Avoid These 4 Goal Setting Mistakes And Succeed

I wanted to share with you today the four biggest mistakes people make with goal setting. I want you to know these so you don’t make them…

Fundamental Mistake 1: People don’t focus on a specific target.

By being specific with your target, you set your intention of exactly what to achieve and then you send a specific instruction to your brain on what you want to focus on.

Refrain from setting reachable, practical, doable and realistic goals… Shoot for the stars! (Don’t settle for what you currently have. Aim for expansion.)

Fundamental Mistake 2: Most people set their goals based on their current or past results or circumstances. Not what they exactly want or envisage for their life.

For you to earn more, you have to set a target that is way outside your current comfort zone. To achieve exceptional results, you must set clear targets that are going to propel you forward.

Fundamental Mistake 3: Most people fail to commit to writing their target down on paper.

Writing down your goals enables you to be more focused, motivated and take inspired Action. Once that target is set you must be fully committed to not reduce the target. Initially it may scare you… But default to taking action.

Writing down your goals helps you set your intention and enable you to become more focused, motivated and inspired to take action on your dreams.

Fundamental Mistake 4: Most people don’t have written out strategies, plans and action steps that are broken down into bite-sized pieces that lay the road map for the achievement of their goal.


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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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