Calling All Control Freaks: Stop Strangling Your Business

When you’re trying to control too much of your business, it can stagnate growth in the long term. If you’re stuck at $1 million, you have to learn how to let go the reigns and enable the next phase of growth.

The biggest constraints in a business is not external factors like the economy, but it is the business owner’s inability to let go and trust his team members to win and let the business win around them.

You have to delegate by step up and be the leader so you can delegate, build a good quality team and engineer the right vision for them. But to enable this, you must get rid of the “do-it-all-myself” mindset (more of that in this video:…)

If you’re not achieving your growth goals, you need to look at yourself and ask – “Where am i personally holding my business back from achieving exponential layers of growth?” Because you can’t do everything yourself.

Work out the areas that you need to hand over and delegate them through to your team then hold them accountable and make them successful that will make your business successful.

The more your strangle, the more your business will stagnate.

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