[Article] Change Your Attitude, Beef Up Your Cashflow

I’m going to get frank with you here – The term ‘motivational speaker’… It really makes my blood boil. After one of those hypey seminars you may walk out feeling pumped and optimistic, but it doesn’t last does it.

Sure enough, you come back to earth and there you are, the same old you in the same old scenario.

And why is this?

Because true motivation can only come from within. It’s appealing to think that someone or something else can give it to you, but the truth is it can only ever come from YOU.

Is it time you took some responsibility for your motivation?

As a business coach, of course I am in support of mentoring and coaching. I’d be shooting myself in the foot otherwise wouldn’t I!!

Personally, over time I’ve had coaches in every area of life, from finances and wealth creation to relationships and health.

But I don’t look to them to pump up my tyres. I look to them for guidance and assistance in achieving my goals quicker.

Same goes for my clients. It’s not my job to provide motivation. And even if I wanted to I couldn’t because ultimately it needs to come from within.

Instead, what I do is help them engineer a COMPELLING VISION and find their WHY. Once they have that, the HOW TO’s flow naturally.

It may seem insignificant, but I promise you with those two elements you can create significant improvements in your business.

Here are some words from a few of my clients:

Thank you! Not only through your business mentoring, but also through our personal growth our business has grown dramatically in the 2 ½ years we have been with you. There are many different ways to get a job done, but you have worked with us to find the best solutions and in particular “How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Go To Heaven!” – Adam & Angela


“Over the last quarter the success we have seen in our business is outrageous in my mind. We have taken the business to places I wouldn’t have expected and if you would have talked to me 6 – 9 months ago I would have said no way, you are kidding yourself, we cant achieve that in that short amount of time.” – Sean


“After a decade of working for myself and having a business that ran my life with a turn over that I couldn’t push past $1.2mil for all my best efforts, I decided to take the plunge… 3.5 years later… today I have signed a lease on a much larger premises (and am concerned we will outgrow it quickly), hired our first dedicated administration lady, separated out finances to an individual CFO role, also hired our second Business Development Manager… All in one day… We now turn over $3.8mil and have some significant growth goals to meet this year again. Most importantly the companies no longer run me…! A feeling most small business owners never experience, running a business instead of it running them…” – Corie

Take a look within and get clear on your Vision and Why. I promise it will revolutionise your business.

If you solely rely on others to motivate you or need be stimulated to take action, you will only fail because these are based on emotions. Learn how to be your own motivator and tackle inevitable challenges in the long term with our 4-It System that will boost your business performance in less time and stress . Click here for your FREE strategy call now. Limited bookings available.

Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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