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Client Testimonial – Andy Nutton from Purple Cow Real Estate

Andy thought he was doing well by himself turning over $140k to $160k with a modest goal to achieve $200k per year. But he was working seven days a week and clocking in more than 60 hours.

Fast forward four years, he’s turning over an incredible $6million, managing 17 staff, running three companies, driving his dream car and working LESS all after completing the 4-IT System.

Before this happened, Andy thought he was pretty happy but admitted to being overworked then his bank manager saw a lot more potential. So he introduced Rob Kropp to Andy and they both initially met for coffee to go through a few things in the business. Rob placed Andy in a 13 weeks course but Andy wasn’t sure what to expect.

They went through a different subject every week on how to improve Andy’s business and how to achieve goals. After the course, Andy noticed a major shift in his business and has since grown strength to strength.

Andy likes Rob’s style of coaching because he asks the hard questions to generate action. He told Rob that he’s always dreamed of getting himself a Lamborghini Gallardo and had its picture on his desk, so Rob asked “That’s great. How are you going to get it? How are you making sure that there’s enough goal setting in place to get this?”

Rob gave him the accountability to do what he has set out do do and was always there to ensure that the work towards achieving these targets were being done.

“Rob’s been a fantastic motivation to me in terms of achieving what I needed to achieve. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. I’ve become more mentally mature and that’s mostly come from what Rob’s taught me for the last four to five years.” – Andy.

He knows that if he wants to double his business now, he’ll just consult Rob and will be taken through specific goal setting targets and discuss how he’ll get there. It sure took a lot of hard work in the first four years to achieve these incredible milestones but Andy was sure that he would get where he is now and there’s no end in sight of what he can achieve.


At the end of the day you should control your business, not let it control you. If you feel like you spend too much time in your business and are not getting the ROIs you are expecting, let us guide you through our proven 4-It System so you can be a master of your priorities, not a slave to time.
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About the 4It System for your business and life: The Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It™ (4-It System) will help you structure your business in a way to make leveraged profit. Manage excess earnings so you can scale effectively. Keep more money in your top pocket. Then grow it, so you can play a much BIGGER game than just the business. Your wealth will expand as your financial freedom turns from a dream into a reality through building a business, living a life and leaving a legacy.

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