Case Study - Mark Stokes - Groove Health

Client Testimonial – Mark Stokes from Groove Health

For a health practitioner, Mark’s own business wasn’t in good shape as he wasn’t making any profit and it almost spiraled out of control. He accumulated a lot of debt and didn’t even want to pick up phone calls, afraid it was the ATO reminding him of long overdue payment

After being coached, it helped him achieve 50% more net profit and 30% more turnover. The biggest take home for him was being able to start his PHD as a physiotherapist to move into lecturing.

Before, Mark thought his solution was to see more patients to make more money, but that only proved that he knew his tools well, but not his business. He was being sucked into the business, working harder and not seeing improvements.

Mark was going down a deeper hole into a depressive state and the rest of the world around him started to crumble ending with very strained relationships with his wife.

Th big turning point was to get the clarity to lead him towards the right direction. Without the coaching, it wouldn’t have given him time to pursue these other things.

“I’d advice small businesses to invest in coaching because it’ll help you both financially and mentally. It’ll make you realise where you want to go and will get you there too.” – Mark.


At the end of the day you should control your business, not let it control you. If you feel like you spend too much time in your business and are not getting the ROIs you are expecting, let us guide you through our proven 4-It System so you can be a master of your priorities, not a slave to time.
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