Tony - TDR Electrical

Case Study – Tony Raneberg – TDR Electrical

Tony was in business for 10 years but he was barely making ends meet and was always tired, stressed and angry. He found that he couldn’t talk about anything else except his business problems and it consumed him.

He responded to a post on Facebook because every point resonated with how he was feeling and what he was going through. While he was making a turnover of $2-2.5 million a year with 13 to 14 employees, he wasn’t making any profit and only breaking even.

The Coaching Program showed him how to optimise the profitability of his business. In a short time, his profits increased even though his turnover is $1.5 million.

Now he spends more time with his family and recently went on a three week holiday.

As the result of the Coaching Program, Tony is working less hours with less stress and he is generally a lot happier. Because of this, his employees are also happier and more work gets done in a positive environment.

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