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Don’t Encourage Your Team To Be Positive

MANY leaders encourage their team to think positively about their current circumstances. While they may have the right intent, most employees aren’t able to “be positive”.

Lets get real: Positive thinking doesn’t work. In fact, if you walked up to someone who was struggling or who had the worst year of their life and tried to encourage them by saying, “Come on, just be positive!”

They’d probably feel like punching you.

Not only that, but there are numerous studies that show that if people lay in bed in the morning and say to themselves, “Come on, try to be positive today. You can do it,” when 10am rolls around and they don’t feel positive anymore, they actually feel worse than when they started! They feel that they can’t even do ‘being positive’ right!

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. When those events take place, being positive is not going to solve those problems.

Instead, let me introduce you to the ideas of ‘useful actions’ and ‘useful beliefs’. These are ideas that will help you lead from a place of action, rather than a place of emotion.

Useful actions

It works like this. If you had an employee that had the worst year of their life, they would need clarity about how to pull themselves out of the rut. You would need to help them identify what actions they need to take to keep moving, rather than ask them to tap into a fleeting feeling.

The question may follow: “What is the most useful thing for you to do to get from ground zero to two? What is the most useful thing for you to do to get from two to five?”

If this employee had a great year and wanted to take themselves to the next level, the question might be: “What is the most useful thing for you to do to get from seven to nine?”

Instantly, they will begin to identify the actions and behaviours that need to take place to increase their results.

Positive thinking is a feeling but it can be a fleeting thought. This is better because it is about taking action and having a strategy to solve the problem.

Useful belief
The next level is useful belief.

We’ve all heard them. People ask me: “What do you think about kids today?”

“I believe this is the greatest generation of kids ever,” I say.

“I believe this is the best time to be a parent in the history of the world.”

Is that true? I’m not really sure if it’s true or not. You know what, though? When I believe that, I would be a better dad when my time comes. I will be more present and will come up with more ideas about how to be a good father.

Truth doesn’t matter as much as having a useful perception about your individual reality. It is no different in business.

If you believe times are tough, your brain will find tough times. If you believe there are opportunities everywhere, your brain will also find those opportunities. How does this work?

Making the change
Great leaders help their team on this journey. The most important words you say all day are the words that you say to yourself, about yourself when you are alone by yourself.

Most people do not have useful language about their reality. I see so many people frustrated with the things that they cannot change.

Decide to have a useful belief about those things you cannot change.

Believe there is opportunity out there and send your team on a mission of discovery to find it all.

 (Extracted Article by Chris Helder)


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