How to break the working addiction

How to Break the Working Addiction

Are you working long hours but still not hitting your goals? Are you doing it at the expense of your family, your health, and ultimately your happiness?

Watch this video and learn how to free yourself from the daily tethers and actually enjoy the fruits of your labour, rather than be tied to your business like most business owners.

You could be addicted to working and not knowing that you’re stuck in this pattern of behaviour – thinking that the more you work, the more you’ll achieve.

Most people go into a business for more time and financial freedom, but eventually they become trapped into overworking and shutting out everything else, then they become a slave to the business. Everything else around them like their relationships and even health start to collapse.

Break free from this habit by discovering the other passion and habits you have outside your business.
If you think that you REALLY have to be working in the business all the time then take a step back and think:
– “What is my main role in the business and what do I really HAVE to be doing to see results?”
– “What can I do to leverage through people and systems so I can start to delegate more down to my team and/or automate through systems so I can be freed and go on and do more things for my business?”

You can also watch my other video on how to break free from stifling your business:…

Allow your business to happen, rather than stress yourself by forcing and strangling it to happen through addiction.

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