How to Organise Yourself to Be More Productive

EVER wondered why there’s too little time for too many things?

It could be you are not using your time in the most righteous and efficient way as possible.

The best way to tackle the hours that slip by is to effectively organise yourself. This can be easily done if you follow a few steps, and the results are remarkable.

Organising yourself can boost how much work you can get done in an average day dramatically, and as a result, frees up time for other tasks and activities. Start now by:


  • Getting on a Morning Routine

A productive day in the office usually starts long before you make it there. Make the most of your mornings with a routine, one that includes tasks that will get your day started effectively.

This can be as simple as a shower and shave while you jam out to some music, or as intense as a 45-minute cardio workout. The important part is to nurture a positive mindset and create a rhythm to your day.


  • Make Realistic Goals

It is important not to get overly ambitious when you are trying to be more productive. It can be easy to lose focus if you have too much on your plate, so set realistic goals that you can achieve in a day or two.

It should not be too easy, or you will get bored and your concentration will slip; setting yourself healthy challenges that are still able to be achieved, is a great start to heading on the right track.

However, if it is too difficult, then you will become anxious and most likely unmotivated to complete the overall project. So find the sweet spot by breaking tasks into bite-size goals.


  • Use All of Your Tools

It is important to be flexible, yet strict, while you are organising yourself to be more productive. Making morning routines are a perfect platform, but you can be flexible with what you do within reason.

Flexible breaks away from desks can increase your productivity, provided you schedule them properly. Finally, realistic targets are great as long as you outline the tasks into tangible chunks.

Do you find that your business takes too much time that you can’t get yourself organised?  If you’re snappy, make hasty decisions and feel that you’re running on auto-pilot soon to be burned out, you need to re-group and organise yourself. Our proven 4-It System will show you some simple techniques that you can follow to see immediate change to improve your business and health.

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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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