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Is Business Coaching Really Necessary For Business Improvement?

I’m often asked by clients, prospects, heck even friends at dinner parties…

“Rob, is coaching really necessary for business improvement?”

Maybe it’s something you’ve been wondering yourself.

You want to get from A (where you are now) to B (where you want to be), but how? Do you continue to do what you’re doing? Has it gotten you to B yet? I guess if it had, you wouldn’t be asking the question.

So my answer is always ‘YES’, I do believe a coach / mentor is necessary for business improvement. It’s like anything else. You want to get better at tennis, you hire a coach, you want to finally get fit, you hire a personal trainer, you want to… I don’t know, learn to paint, you hire a teacher or attend classes.

Whenever you want to get really good at something, the FASTEST path is with a coach.

When you start hitting your business goals everything becomes more enjoyable… business, family, life in general, so why wouldn’t you want to get there as fast as possible?

When things aren’t working, when you’re not kicking goals it creates a lot of stress, which I know you’re aware, spills over to every aspect of life.

The best way out is with a proven system and support to keep you on the right path.

It also allows you to leap frog the bad times, avoiding the mistakes that many business owners make. Each one can cost you big time.

Some of the common mistakes I see include:

  • Setting up the wrong structures, so you end up paying tens of thousands of dollars more than you need to in taxes;
  • Burning money by spending on marketing before you understand your market, your message and the correct approach and mediums;
  • Blowing your money on the wrong people, team is such a critical area of growth and releasing yourself from the burden of the business, you really need to get this right.

In our program, we show you how to avoid these mistakes – and many others.

To achieve financial independence, each move you make needs to support your overall strategy, otherwise your business could fall apart due to imbalance.

Any coach worth their dinero will give emphasis to mindset and any blockages you have in a range of areas.

So there’s the long answer to the question. The short answer is…

YES, the QUICKEST path to financial independence and business success is with a coach…

Whenever you’re considering taking on anyone as a coach in any area of your life, check them out, make sure they’re legit. Do they get results? Are they consistent? Are they right for you?


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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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