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Let Go And Learn To LEVERAGE.

FEAR can paralyse anyone to do something different, to let go of something because there will be no more sense of control.

No more control means bearing with the unknown and that that’s what we fear the most. Unfortunately, the more we control, the more damage we’ll cause and this applies in everything we do.

One of my clients Adrian, a business owner of a kitchens installation company in New Zealand was suffering from his strong need to control. He believed that nobody else could do the jobs as well as him and while that could be true, he was working more than 75 hours a week, had no time for anything else, was overwhelmed and extremely tired.

If he fell ill for a day day, his business fell behind as his targets were to sell three to four kitchens a week just to break even and make some profit.
That’s a highly stressful situation to be in and one that constantly placed him at the edge – it’s surprising that he hadn’t fallen sick!

Self imposed suffering
As a business owner, Adrian would ideally be working on his business like creating short and long term strategies with goals to move forward. Instead more than half of his time is spent on menial tasks like creating lead generations – a tedious administrative activity yet something that is still imperative to growing a potential client list.

He doesn’t have time to lead and develop his team members who sometimes seem like they are not motivated to work and are not keeping in line with his business goals.

The two major ironies are that Adrian admitted he doesn’t like sales generation, but likes to meet and interact with his customers. The second is because he spends so much time doing lead and sales generation, he doesn’t have time to meet his new and existing clients!

Proposed (Practical) Solution
It would work better for Adrian if he is willing to let go of his tight sense of control in lead generation tasks and entrust the work onto somebody else. While he implied that nobody else could do it “better than” him, it was obvious that he was not passionate about it and someone else who IS passionate about it would do it better.
While being able to leverage on someone who can create a solid client database, he would free up his time by almost 40% (minus the time he’d like to take to touch base and catch up on the progress of the tasks).
To allow him even more time, Adrian can also recruit a sales person on a commission base only. This eliminates the issue of affordability.

Before Adrian could implement these he had to identify his specific Critical success factors (CSF) by structuring and creating the capacity to leverage on these people first. This can be broken down to:

  • Knowing exactly who he wants to do the job well – what qualities they possess, their experience, track record and their ability to understand his business needs.
  • When he’s identified, hired and trained his team member(s), he must make time blocks to do certain tasks and meet these new team members on specific days to catch up on progress. This would prevent him from wanting to “peek in”, micromanage and control everything all the time as that will make him revert to square one.

With this, Adrian would have more time to work ON his business, instead of working IN it and be consumed by it. He will be motivated to do the things he truly likes and move the business forward to where it should be and where he wants it to be.

If you find yourself drowning in the business because you need to have control over everything, learn to leverage and trust your team. When you do this, you’ll free up your time to work on business growth and can do things that truly matter to you. Our proven 4-It System will show you some simple techniques that you can follow to see immediate change to improve your business and health.

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