Make Your Team From Good to Great.

ONE of the main components of a successful business is a great team that drives it forward. Having a strong, competent team forging the path ahead for your business will help with your company’s growth and ultimately, it’s future.

If you already have a good team, a little business strategy will help elevate them into a great team.

Do Not Be Afraid to Drop Foundation Staff

During the infancy of your business, it is most likely that you had a small, dedicated team that were able to help a great deal.

Over time, though, the impact some of these individuals can make to your business diminishes. This drop in contribution can manifest itself in a few different ways, such as a drop in productivity, mutinous behaviour and undermining the structure you are building out.

It can be hard to consider letting these original members of staff go, as they were crucial in getting your business to where it is now. If letting them go is too difficult, consider if they will upskill or re-train to contribute to the growing needs of the business.

In the end, knowing to drop dead weight is one of the key facets of building a great team for your company.

Keep Your Team in The Loop – Constantly

One of the biggest mistakes a team leader can make is to expect their team to know everything. From a business strategy perspective, some leaders feel that if they know something, their team should too.

This includes repeating information – as a leader it is important to not lose your cool if someone asks for some confirmation or to go over something again.

Keeping your team in the dark or punishing them for not knowing something, will only end in disaster.

Not only does it not fix the initial problem your employee came to you with, but it ruins the morale and atmosphere in the office. To keep your team great, repeat information as often as necessary for them.
Put the right people in the right positions
This is your responsibility right from the beginning to ensure that your team starts on the right foot. Placing the right people for the right positions can be done in identifying these following traits in them:

  • Know the people who have previous positions to share and understand your core values. For example, this is someone who’s worked in a similar role and work environment to yours and understands some of the unique challenges your business may face from his experience. Your workplace will reinforce these values and in time, this person will share and understand them.
  • The right people see their job as a responsibility. They understand the crucial role they play in the position is having the responsibility to plan, create and execute tasks. For example, a doctor doesn’t only have a job to help his patients get better, it is also his responsibility to see that they do get better.
  • The right people will do what they say. They will not commit to something that they cannot do, or only do halfway. Because of this, they do not need to micromanaged as they are self-motivated and driven by their passion for your business and what it does.

Make Your Good Team Great

If you put the effort in with them and treat them fairly and patiently, they will eventually work without much input on your end. To get to that point, though, you need to be a solid leader with a great business strategy.

Whether it is dropping original staff or biting your tongue while you go over a spreadsheet for the fifteenth time, it takes diligence and patience to make a good team great.


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