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[Article] No Time For Strategy, No Time For Success

I wonder if this sounds familiar to you:

“I am hard working, motivated by success and want to grow the business, but just don’t know how, because I am so caught up in the day to day of the business that I never have the time to think about strategy or the change that needs to be made to achieve the next step.”

A new client told this to me. It’s the scenario for many of my clients when we first start working together.

It’s a constant temptation for all business owners to get wrapped up with what seems immediately urgent. But when you do that, you put your business at risk.

While you’re focusing on putting out fires, you miss any big opportunities coming your way, to say nothing of impending tsunamis that require you to see in an advance and avoid.

The fact is, if you want to grow; break through your glass ceiling. You have to get strategic.

So how do you become a strategic leader?

Here are six qualities of strategic thinkers…

  1. Foresight

Most business owners focus on what’s immediately ahead. This can leave your business susceptible to competitive threats and lead to missed opportunities.

  • Look for opportunities for competitive edge.
  • See beyond your business
  • Build strong outside networks
  1. Analyse

Don’t follow the herd and play it safe. Don’t believe everything you read. Question everything.

  • Get to the cause of problems, don’t just treat the symptoms
  • Continually appraise mindsets and beliefs
  • Be aware of misleading vested interests
  1. Interpret

Don’t leap for quick solutions. Seek information from a range of sources before forming an opinion.

  • Look for patters across sources
  • Encourage staff to do the same
  • Question assumptions, appraise theories
  1. Be Decisive

Don’t fall into the trap of ‘analysis paralysis’! You do need to analyse and interpret but develop processes and systems that allow you to arrive at a ‘good enough’ decision

  • Deal with the heart of the problem, not all the detail
  • Don’t get caught in perfect, seek balance
  • Make a stand, even when you don’t have all the info, and be prepared to disagree with others, if need be
  1. Be a Democratic Fascist!

It is extremely rare for there to be pure consensus amongst stakeholders. So a strategic leader must encourage discussion and build trust.

  • See what other agenda’s people have
  • Raise tough issues, even when uncomfortable
  • Assess risk, build support
  1. Improve

Seek honest feedback. Success and failure are valuable learning tools.

  • Encourage honesty, make debriefing sessions part of your organisational culture
  • Change your coordinates quickly if feedback indicates
  • Celebrate success and failure that provides learnings


I realise this is list is a tall order. Strategic leadership is just like anything else. You learn, you do, you learn, you improve.


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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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