[Article] Profit Advantages Of Budgeting

In a recent article I discussed the importance of budgeting as a critical step for any profit driven business.

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of planning for profit and budgeting…

  1. Becomes a process of planning for future growth: Your budget should account for increased sales targets, an increase in cost of sales (relative to sales increases) and map out the increase in the business’s fixed costs as per the overall business plan… E.g. Labour, fleet, utilities etc… The budget should accurately reflect the overall business plan from a financial viewpoint.
  1. Gives the business owner greater control and decision-making abilities based on real life variances rather than a gut feel or intuition. You can review the Actual vs Budget and look for variances such as:
  • Underperforming sales – increase the marketing activities and sales conversions.
  • Cost too high – cut back on spending, negotiate with suppliers or cut wastage.
  • Production / performance too low – improve productivity in teams or remove bottlenecks / improve process efficiencies.
  1. Operational expenditure can be predicted and managed to ensure the operational capital is not being wasted on unessential operational and capital expenditure. It provides guidelines on what can and cannot be spent. Running a business Mean and Lean is the key to a profitable business.
  1. A budget gives clarity and sets motivating targets for the business owner to work towards.
  • Budget setting tip: After working with many business owners, a word of advice… The budget must not be so set in stone and rigid that it doesn’t allow for creativity and innovation.

Some business owners can be too locked in to their conservative forecasts, so that it actually restricts them rather than focusing on the bigger picture.

It is important to be bold and courageous, to set way out there goals. The world needs more people to step up to the plate and challenge the norm of what is achievable.

“A goal is not always meant to be reached,

it often serves simply as something to aim at.”

– Bruce Lee

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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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