Stop Wishing

[Article] Stop Wishing And Start Doing And Having

No highly successful businessperson dominated in the marketplace by mere chance, luck or sporadic actions.

Success has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with smarts.

How many times have you said:

I wish I had more money…

I wish I had more time…

I wish I could just keep my head above water…

I wish I could afford that new car…

I wish I could afford that holiday I have always dreamed of…

If you ‘wish’ to make more money you need to hustle and execute on strategies in the correct sequence.

What are those strategies I hear you ask?

  • Take massive action
  • Adopt an attitude of conviction and determination
  • Be willing to change current habits and behaviours
  • Do what it takes – sometimes it will be challenging, painful and boring
  • Be consistent and pay attention to fundamentals

This will end the ‘wishing’ and start the ‘doing and having’.

You’ll have more PROFIT and TIME, which will lead to more CHOICE.

And luck will have nothing to do with it.


Question: Which of the 5 key directives above do you need to focus on?


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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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