The 3 simple steps to breakthough when you lack focus, motivation and drive

The 3 Simple Steps to Break through when you Lack Focus, Motivation and Drive

How often have you found that you set the intentions, and put the strategies, plans and action steps in place, but lack the focus, motivation and drive to achieve your goals?

You probably feel like you’re losing the motivation, inspiration and drive that you once had because you’ve hit a dangerous comfort zone that’s blinding you to the opportunities in front of you.

These are 3 simple steps for you to break through and begin to achieve your goals and live life to your true potential.

1. Expand your vision and get rid of the limiting beliefs of negative thoughts, self-doubt and blaming others for your plateau.

2. Create new empowering beliefs that will match your vision to enable you to open your mind to the opportunities that will make you realise your potential.

3. Draw out a detailed roadmap of your exact plan and time you need to get there. If it’s a 12 month plan – break it down and reverse engineer it to 9 months, 6 months, 3 months back to where you are today and how you’ll start (today is Day One!)

These three steps will give you your inspiration back and it’ll propel you forward. Naturally, you’ll attract the right people, events and situation into your life. I took my client Robert through this process and he achieved his goals in his set 12 months plan together with quadrupling his business.

My Visioneering process will show you how to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. When you build and take action, that’s when you reinforce the beliefs back to yourself that your goals are possible and achievable.

Rob Kropp

Founder – Pravar Group


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