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[Article] The Goal Achievement Process: Part 1- Engineering your vision

Ever had a goal that you didn’t achieve?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you have. We all have. And why is that?

It’s frustrating isn’t it? You set out with enthusiasm and determination, and then somewhere along the way that all falls by the wayside and you’re left wondering why nothing changed.

I’ll tell you exactly WHY: 

Most people set out to achieve the HOW without first knowing the WHAT

Let me introduce you to The Goal Achievement Process

Vision -> Why -> Beliefs -> Habits = Goal Achievement

An inspiring Vision, underpinned by a compelling Why, supported with empowering Beliefs and the alignment of consistent Habits = achievement of goals and living life on your terms…!

The reality is that life is one big journey, full of ups and downs, and eventually we will end up ‘somewhere’. That ‘somewhere’ or final destination is determined by the VISION that we engineer for ourselves.

The majority go through life just merely existing, living an uninspired life, coasting along and believing that they are the effect of circumstances around them…going along this journey of life and getting to their destination being a passenger.

However, there are a small percentage of people that actively participate in this thing called life and end up at their final destination by choice…not by chance.

Therefore, the first step of the Goal Achievement Process is to Engineer your Vision (or what I call Visioneering).

This vision gives you meaning, purpose and something significant to work towards.

It gives you that focal point, which brings order to chaos and allows you to see the forest for the trees.

It invokes inspired action, creates momentum, and gives hope when you face almost certain barriers or obstacles that normally slow people down or stops them in their tracks, when they lack that meaning and purpose.

It gives you that road map, a direction to continually keep moving towards.

I was first introduced to goal setting and achievement many years ago. The very first seminar I attended was Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction and one of the first books I read was Goals by Brian Tracy. I was fortunate enough to get exposed to these success principles in my early 20’s and have never looked back since.

After embarking on this personal development journey at a young age, I knew deep down that I had an inspired purpose, dream, vision and calling that I wanted to bring into reality.

It was at that moment I dedicated my life to Living a life by Design, not by Default.

For that to happen, I had to take 100% accountability for what I achieved in my life. No one was going to build my dreams for me. Dream building was up to me.

I HAD to get clarity of vision, not just in 1 or 2 areas of life, but across the 4 primary legacies: Health, Wealth, Wisdom, and Connections.

I refer to them as legacies, because I want to work towards something inspiring across all 4 areas of life and this is how I want to be remembered for generations to come.

I live by the mantra…

This is MY life. I am the Master. This is how I will create the masterful life that I would love to live.

Overwhelmed by the journey I had just embarked, Brian Tracy in his book ‘Goals’ really simplified the process for me, and has been the process I have used since. I started with what I could see at the time, and just allowed my vision to expand as I embraced the process and gave myself permission to dream bigger and bigger.

My word of advice, don’t allow the external or internal factors limit the vision for what you would love to create for yourself. Think big, dream big and take massive action towards the life of your dreams… and never give up, no matter the obstacle you face…!

Here are the questions in the book ‘Goals’ that have really helped me…


You can decide at this very moment that, from now on, you are going to eat the right foods, drink the right liquids, get the proper exercise, and get ample amounts of sleep.

The starting point of achieving ideal levels of health, fitness and appearance is for you to make a decision to get into the best physical condition of your life, and then to maintain that level of physical conditioning and well-being indefinitely.

Imagine with no limitations. What do you really want for yourself in terms of health, fitness and appearance? Imagine that you could wave a magic wand and enjoy perfect physical health in every way. What would you look like? How would you feel? How much would you weigh? How would your physical body be different from what it is today?


Most people are completely immersed in their current financial situation. This is usually characterised by indebtedness, ongoing bills, expenses and an income that is insufficient to enable them to think much beyond the present. When you are in this paradigm it is hard to set exciting financial goals for yourself and your future.

Free yourself from this mental limitation, imagine that you could wave a magic wand and achieve all your financial goals in the future, what would that be.

Declaring your Financial Independence Day is a better idea than trying to come up with “the number” you need to retire, because when you’re financially independent, you work because you want to, not because you have to.

What is your definition of financial independence or, as some call it, financial freedom? How much passive income do you need to be earning each year from investments? What sized asset base do you need to return this passive income streams? What date are you going to declare to achieve this financial independence?

One of your biggest responsibilities in life, something that you and only you can take care of is the management of your money, controlling your finances and the achievement of your financial independence.

This is not something that can be left to chance.


You begin your journey to excellence by asking the question, ‘what additional knowledge, skills, and information will I need to lead my field in the months and years ahead?’

When you identify this one skill, that would have the greatest positive impact on your business and life, then this should be your focal point for personal and professional development.

Imagine with no limitations. If you could be absolutely excellent at any particular skill, what would it be? What subjects are you learning about? What books are you reading, learning, listening to? And how often?

Commit yourself to be a lifelong learner. Be prepared to invest one, two or three years to become absolutely excellent in a critical area.


The quality of your friends and family life will determine most of your happiness and unhappiness. Your goals in this vital area of your personal life cannot be left to chance.


Stand back and imagine that your family life and relationship were perfect in every way. What would they look like? How would your family life be different from what it is today? Imagine that you could wave a magic wand and create the perfect lifestyle with your family and relationships. What would it look like?

Social / Community

Imagine with no limitations. Who are your friends? How are they inspiring you? How are you inspiring them? How often are you seeing them? What role are you playing in your community? How are you giving back to your community?

Recommended activity:

Sit down with your family and decide upon all these factors together. Ask each person what he or she would want if your family life or relationship were perfect in every way. Write down all these goals and desires and then use them as the basis for the organisation of your family life.

Finally, Your Business Targets

Imagine that you have no limits on what you could be, do and achieve in your business in the years ahead. What does your business look like as it is giving you your ideal life? What results are you getting in your business? What is your Turnover? Profit? What Income are you personally taking from the business? How many hours are you working? What sort of work are you doing? Describe your team? Describe the culture of your business? Where is your business located? Why did you get into business? Why are you still in business?

Remember: Don’t set business goals and then try and fit your life around those goals. Set lifestyle goals and create a business, which supports that lifestyle.

When you go through the Visioneering process for you and your business, remember that:

You, Your Business and your money will not rise above your Vision.

  • Small Visions create a scarcity mentality
  • Large Visions create an abundance mentality



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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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