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[Article] The Why And How To Rock Your Marketing

If you want to rock your marketing you need a cunning plan – A Marketing Plan.

Here’s why:

  • The best way to ensure your marketing is done in a timely manner, to plan and to budget is to have a written down marketing plan that spells out the goals, strategies, tactics, budget and accountabilities.
  • When marketing strategies are planned and well thought out, marketing material can be prepared in advance, any outside skills can be hired and bookings made with media for example.
  • When marketing is planned, it stands a higher chance of working like clockwork instead of being haphazard and ineffective.
  • Having a 12 month marketing plan, detailed into quarter plans and then broken down into monthly and weekly action steps, ensures that it is feasible and achievable. After all, how did the boy eat the elephant? One spoonful at a time! (No elephants were harmed in that joke btw.)
  • This ensures that new leads are generated all year round.
  • A marketing plan leads to consistent business growth and profitability, instead of the wild ride of peaks and troughs. (We often see business owners go through cycles. They have no work, so they go out and generate some leads. Then they get busy serving the new clients and the first thing that stops is marketing and sales. Then they finish the work and wonder why there is no more business. And so the pattern repeats. 

And Here’s the HOW:

If you want to rock your marketing you need to be consistent month in, month out, executing on the right marketing strategies for your business and industry… AS PER YOUR MARKETING PLAN.

Here’s how to create a rocking Marketing Plan…

  1. Start with a Situation Analysis: This is essentially a snapshot of your business’s current position including:
    • List of products and services
    • Point of difference in each area
    • Competitor analysis
    • SWOT analysis (Strengths & weaknesses (internal) opportunities & threats (external))
    • Product positioning
  2. Describe your target audience (I sent some detailed articles on this topic a while back. If you need another copy let me know).
  3. List your marketing goals (make sure they’re measurable)
  4. Select marketing strategies (I’ll outline a few of the top tactics in my next email)
  5. Set your budget

This is a brief outline I know. In truth creating a good marketing plan takes time and careful thought. There is a pile of information out there on how to create a good one, and feel free to contact me if you’d like any questions answered.

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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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