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[Article] What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

Peter Drucker was famous for saying, “What gets measured, gets managed.” It’s been around a while but it sure hasn’t gathered any dust.

You want improvement? You need to measure it.

What never ceases to amaze us, when working with business people is how many still refute the importance of measuring progress towards the achievement of their goals.

There are vast numbers of business people who are unhappy with their current profitability and cash flow, yet a markedly smaller number who actually take the time to sit down and plan for profit and put reporting mechanisms in place to measure progress towards the achievement of these critical success factors.

It may sound cryptic, but how can you truly be UN-happy with the results you are currently getting in business and life if you haven’t taken the time to set a goal and planned out what would truly make you feel happy and fulfilled?

Albert Einstein had a name for it: Insanity… ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

On the surface most people know they should be ‘being’ more, ‘doing’ more and achieving ‘more’ without really knowing what ‘more’ looks or feels like.

So what’s the key?

Quantifiable and Meaningful goals that are Established and Measured can be Managed and Improved.

This is the true meaning of goal setting and achievement, and highlights the importance of having goals, KPIs and targets that are all in alignment.

In all areas of life, whether it be our favourite sports game or flight itinerary, everything is tracked, measured and reported on. We expect our planes to be on time and the game to start where and when it’s scheduled to.

So why don’t business owners expect their businesses to operate with such precision and accuracy according to their desired outcomes?

Setting and measuring goals with well planned KPIs and targets is one of the foundations of our Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It Coaching System…

Here is a short but transformative journey of Robert the Engineer who has quadrupled the amount of revenue each month in the last 12 months and is on track to further exponential growth.

Before the Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It Process:

  • He was floundering in his direction and motivation to grow the business.
  • Business had plateaued, he had lost drive and focus, and felt that work was drying up and could not understand why he had some good jobs on the go, but there were some deals hanging out there, but just wouldn’t convert.
  • Was doing $200,000 in sales a year but didn’t feel like he had the tools or the ability to excel beyond that.

Results after implementing the Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It process:

  • After the first 2 coaching calls, Robert broke through some of his limiting beliefs that were holding him back, and he quickly got on the phone to the deals that were sitting out there and converted over $200,000 in sales. This has already opened up many more doors for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of new business.
  • Significantly increasing market share and recently won 2 of the largest customers in the whole of Australia.
  • In 12 months, he will grow from making approximately $200,000 in sales, to having 2 other consultants and a full time admin assistant working for him and making a minimum of $1,000,000 per year…
  • He will go from making $200k active into to making $200k passive income, all whilst going from working 50 hours a week down to working 30 hours a week, being able to work from anywhere in Australia.

Want to know the single BIGGEST factor in achieving this stunning transformation?

Measurement. We started by setting goals, then we set KPIs and targets to measure those goals.

What these sort of results also? Start thinking about where you really want your business to go and ways to measure your success.

Measuring your goals and strategies is one way to manage your business well. Let us show you how to do this in our proven 4-It System so you can focus on building your business successfully with less time and stress. Click here for your FREE strategy call now. Limited bookings available.

Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



About the 4It System for your business and life: The Make It, Manage It, Keep It, Grow It™ (4-It System) will help you structure your business in a way to make leveraged profit.  Manage excess earnings so you can scale effectively.   Keep more money in your top pocket.  Then grow it, so you can play a much BIGGER game than just the business.  Your wealth will expand as your financial freedom turns from a dream into a reality through building a business, living a life and leaving a legacy.

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