When the shit hits the fan, here's what to do

When Sh!t Hits The Fan, Here’s What To Do

When shit hits seems to hit the fan all the time, there is a way out if you’re able (and willing) to change your mindset!

You have to embrace the challenges (or shit) when it comes to you, because if everything was easy all the time, we won’t grow and that’s part of the journey of being a business owner.

I teach my clients to detach themselves emotionally from the event, take a step back and see things for what they really are. This helps them to move forward to effectively work on the issues.

Here’s what you can do:

– Get very clear on what the problem is and see it objectively (how I mentioned about removing your emotions from it so you don’t play Victim).
Now list down how this situation is serving you now. This enables you to balance out a perception and see the side of it that you don’t want to see the answer for.

– Now that you’ve taken a step back from the problem and isolate it, work on your strategies to move forward. Write your action steps and take those necessary actions.

It’s not so much what happens to you, but it’s HOW you handle the situation which separates the MEN from the BOYS. It’s not easy but it is possible and you won’t be consumed with your problems so that you can successfully move your business forward.

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