Article 11 - Why Leaders Who Delegate Are Successful Ones

Why Leaders Who Delegate Are Successful Ones

LEADERSHIP requires a certain type of person. Usually it involves ideas of courage, creativity, grit and determination. Solid delegation involves knowing your team well enough to trust and gauge their expertise, as well as maintaining a strong command.

Delegation is vital if you are a small to medium business owner, as time is so stretched for most smaller companies.

It is important to know the difference between trying to maintain full control of a situation and delegation. Full control is a recipe for disaster, as you cannot be everywhere at once.

Delegation, though, forces you to concede that you cannot do it all by yourself. By using the team around them, strong leaders use this handy approach to effectively obtain their goals, all the while allowing team members to feel appreciated by being granted the responsibility.

Importance of delegation

First and foremost, delegation is a great way to free time up for you to accomplish more other, equally pressing matters. In the world of business, you are expected to stretch your available time as far as possible – having to do different tasks at one time.

Keeping up a solid understanding of business management requires you to delegate wherever possible, so that you can use your time effectively.

It is important that you find a balance in this field, so that you are not just handing work off blindly. To demonstrate strong leadership, you should oversee the task at regular intervals, ensure it is all going as planned, and step in if there are any problems.

It is equally important not to get too bogged down in the small things, as you will quickly get sucked in and the concept of delegation gets lost.

Effective delegation

A great leader will know his team’s strengths and weaknesses better than the team members themselves. Using this knowledge to delegate effectively is crucial, and it starts off in at the initial recruitment stage.

Employ your team based on these strengths and shortfalls, ensuring that you feel comfortable delegating work for them down the road. Look for the motivated, gifted and creative members of the team, as they will show initiative first in delegation.

This approach is a two-way street; your team must know what you expect from them, so communicate clearly and effectively.

When you delegate, tell your team member why they were selected, what you expect from them and that you are available if any issues arise. Be open, be helpful and be perceptive. Be a good leader.


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