[Article] You Don’t Need A Vision

It’s hard to believe but I’ve had many, many business owners initially get impatient with me when I tell them it all starts with creating their UNIQUE VISION.

But once the huffing and puffing stops and they get stuck into the process, they realise it’s what’s been missing.

Without vision you’re literally going nowhere.

Without vision you will lack motivation, direction and drive.

You will also lack the ability to be an inspiring leader.

Creating the Vision

When you begin the strategic planning and budgeting process, visioning comes first.

The key is to discover the dream that would inspire you enough to do whatever it takes to grow your business.

Planning Tip: Make your business your cause. Make your cause your business.

The successful business owners who have managed to stand the test of time, even through challenging economies, have tapped into this internal inspiration and dedicated themselves whole heartedly to the achievement of their dreams.

A Vision Statement should describe WHERE you want you business to be in the future.

It should communicate both the PURPOSE and VALUES of your business and answer the question, ‘Why are we here?”

Your company’s Vision and Purpose Statement is its Cause.

The greater the cause, the greater its effect (result).

Planning Tip: You, your business and your money will not rise above your vision. Small visions build small business. Large visions build large businesses.

Having an inspiring Vision for your business that is bigger than you, bigger than your business and a cause for you to work towards through any adversity is POWERFUL.

Here are six questions to ask yourself when creating your Vision Statement:

  1. What is the global problem my business is tackling?
  2. What is the innovative solution to this global problem?
  3. What new something are we bringing to the world? (Something that customers want that is different from or greater than what other businesses are providing.)
  4. What would be lost to the world if our business disappeared?
  5. Why does our business matter?
  6. What is our preferred future?

Once you have answered these questions, use the information to create your business vision… It’s worth calling a team-planning day to get this right.

And as stated in Bloomburg Business, ensure your vision has:

  • Brevity
  • Specificity
  • Consistency
  • Emotional Connection

This is a short article but it’s packed with action steps for you to take with your team.

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Rob Kropp – The Profit Coach



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